Mizan Tepi University Historical Background

By | 23/06/2022

Mizan Tepi University Historical Background

Mizan Tepi University Historical Background – Check Below:
Mizan-Tepi University Background
Mizan-Tepi University is one of the Universities in Ethiopia which is found in south nation, nationalities and peoples region.
It is located at Mizan-Teferi, where the main campus is, and Tepi town 565kms & 578kms respectively at southwest of Addis Ababa, in the deep and unique natural and anthropogenic diversity.
The university is founded on 52 hectares of land to each of both campuses. The enormous potentialities and gifted natural resources of the southwest, those exist in and around Mizan & Tepi towns offers among other things, a huge opportunity to the University to venture in to new territories of education, and research development.
The University started teaching and learning in 2006 by sharing building for University administration offices from Mizan Agriculture technical and vocational college by admitting few regular students in college of social science and humanities at Mizan Campus. By the time the university started its operation, there were only 215 students attending their first degree classes. Among this number of students, for the first time, 138 students had graduated colorfully in July 2008/09.
In the past eight years, the university has shown a significant change in increasing the students’ enrollment to 6709 in regular program and 3684 students in continuing and summer programs.
The attractiveness of the building that is commensurate with wonderful natural resources made the university paradise and due to this it is highly comfortable for teaching and learning process. As the university is located at the south western part of the country, where different nations, nationalities and people are living together peacefully by respecting each other, thus, realizing what we call peaceful co-existence.
Mizan-Tepi University aspires to be the leading higher educational institution being center of excellence in education and research in areas of natural resources and cultural value utilization for development.
Mizan-Tepi University has a mission of supporting the development endeavors of the people by tackling the insistent problems by utilizing natural resources and cultural values, through inculcating scientific knowledge and skills relevant to the country and assuring quality education.
Core Values Pursuit of truth and freedom of expression of truth; Institutional reputability based on successful execution of mission; Competitiveness in scholarship and cooperation with other institutions; Institutional autonomy with accountability; Participatory governance and rule of law; Justice and fairness; A culture of fighting corruption; Quality and speedy service delivery; Economical use of resources and effective maintenance of assets; Democracy and multiculturalism;



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