Mada Walabu University College of Education

By | 22/06/2022

Mada Walabu University College of Education and Behavioral Studies

Mada Walabu University College of Education – Check Below:
College of Education and Behavioral Studies was established in 2016 (2008 E.C) with the restructured academic wing of the University. The College was commenced composed with three departments, namely, Educational Planning and Management, Psychology and Adult Education and Community Development. Besides teaching the Regular, Extension and summer students, the College has also the mandate to coordinate and facilitate HDP (Higher Diploma Program), PGDT (Post Graduate Diploma of Teachers Training), PGDSL (Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership), PGCPSS (Post Graduate Certificate in Primary School Supervision) and other short-term trainings related to Pedagogical Skills. The departments in the college are producing graduates in BA/BED and MA level in regular and summer modalities to meet the diverse demand of the country and to enhance education and job opportunities to the community and graduates in the fields. The College staffed with 48 Instructors. Among these 3 of them are Assistant Professors, 40 of them are at the status of Lecturer, while 5 of them are at BA level. To build the capacity of instructors 16 instructors are pursuing their PhD. The college has also one lab technician, one secretary and one messenger.
Furthermore, to attain the mission and vision of the university, beyond the teaching-learning activity, the college engaged in demand driven problem-solving researches and community services in Education and Psychosocial and Psycho-educational to support the renaissance of Ethiopia.
Mission of the College
To produce competent entrepreneurial graduates, provide need based community services and conduct demand driven problem-solving research through relevant and quality, training and consultancy services to faster the socio-economic development of the country.
College of Education and Behavioral Studies aspires to be one of the top Colleges in Madda Walabu University in teaching-learning, research and community service provider in 2017 E.C.
Quality first and fast and pleasing service
Competition in team work
Equity and rule of law
Fight corruption
Diversity and democratic leadership
Institutional authority with responsibility
Professional commitment
Saving and effective utilization of resource
Acknowledging better achievement
Ashebir Demeke (PhD)
Director, College of Education & Behavioral Studies
Madda Walabu University have conducted its 1st National Sport Research Confence at Robe town from 23-24 March, 2018 under the grand theme:-
The aim of the conference was to provide a platform to acadamicians, physical educationalists, sport scientists, nutritionists, sport psychologyists, coaches, research scholars etc. to share their experience towards the promotion of physical education and sports and to create awareness of a healthy and physical active life style among fellow citizens.It also provides for researchers and educators to present and discuss the most recent trends in physical education and sports in order to enhance the field in the future. On the conference 14 resaech papersd were presented by researchers from different universities and 4 keynote speachers were delived by national and international sport experts.
Thematic areas:-The conference seeks research papers in all aspects of Physical Education and Sports Sciences including:
Adapted Physical Education
Talent Identification & Sports
Sport Pedagogy
Sport Psychology And Sociology
Sports Coachings &Training Science
Sport Management
Sports Medicine And Doping
Sports And Mass Media
Exercise Physiology and Antropometry
Sports Nutrition
Sports And Tourism
Sports Massage & Therapy
Sport Biomechanics
Sport And Technology
Other Related Areas.




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