Jimma University Continuing and Distance Education

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Jimma University Continuing and Distance Education

Jimma University Continuing and Distance Education – Check Below:
The Continuing Education Program at Jimma University was first started in 1980 at Jimma College of Agriculture to train the students in general agriculture at diploma level. Even though there was high demand of distance and off campus programs from different stakeholders, due to various reasons there was only one program in distance, management at certificate and diploma level at the College. Gradually the office expands its programs to the summer in-service and in 2003 the office started two summer programs namely: teachers’ education at degree level and Law at diploma level. Soon the office expands these programs to other disciplines.
The Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) of the University grow up and reorganized in 2009. With this the office launched a full-fledged distance education in various disciplines at degree level and Postgraduate programs in summer. Distance education is actually an innovative educational strategy that offers an educational opportunity to people who are already in the career without detaching them from their work places and residence. It follows a student centered teaching approach with the use of user friendly course materials and continuous monitoring. In this program the office provides every support to learners through available means of communication and arranging special sessions for face to face contact.
Continuing and Distance Education (CDE) Office of Jimma university works to be known as a leading provider of high-quality continuing and distance education in targeted high-demand programs that match with development plan of the region, the nation and beyond.
The mission of the CDE office of Jimma University is to expand access to high-quality educational opportunities available in the university using a variety of modalities as well as technologies and to provide commendable support services. CDE office accomplishes its mission by providing leadership in planning, promoting, implementing, and supervising its programs. It makes accessible its services to the community by using different modalities and technologies such as: course modules, face-to-face instructions (tutorials) and online.
I. Collaborate with departments, colleges and other relevant sections of JU in managing existing CDE programs and launching of new ones.

  • Identify programs with high demand and work  for their launching,
  • Explore opportunities to offer targeted programs to potential customers,
  • Require support from higher officials of  JU,
  • Collaborate with ICT division of the university to acquire Educational Technology services support,
  • Encourage and support staff members and departments with efforts to secure external funding to make continuing and distance education programs more affordable.
  • Continually review and refine the system of incentives to ensure staff members, departments, and colleges are reasonably rewarded for their efforts to strengthen the CDE,

Key Performance Indicators

  • Total enrollments in Continuing and Distance Education programs of JU
  • The number of programs available on the list of CDE,
  • The number of departments offering CDE courses and programs.
  • Feedback  from our customers

II. Work to ensure that the CDE programs are of consistently high quality and preferable.


  • Collaborate with staff members, department heads, and deans to ensure appropriate systems are in place,
  • Continually review and evaluate emerging academic and administrative issues that may enhance the teaching and learning process of CDE.
  • Recurrently review program courses for their relevance and appropriateness,

       Key Performance Indicators

  • Number of Programs approved and launched,
  • Percent of new online courses developed,
  • Number of students admitted
  • Feedback from stakeholders,

III. Provide commendable support services to CDE students.


  • Continue to collaborate closely with support areas in-campus and off-campus to enhance services for CDE students,
  • Ensure staffing structure and levels are adequate to support the goal of CDE,
  • Continue to evaluate the possibility of the use of technology and other innovative strategies to enhance services for CDE students.
  • Develop a system for collecting data on services delivered,

       Key Performance Indicator

  • Number of respondents indicating “satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with services

IV. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan to promote Jimma University’s CDE offerings.

  • Conduct marketing research to identify programs for possible extension,
  • Continually work to refine and evaluate the various marketing strategies,

       Key Performance Indicators

  • Revenue generated
  • Cost of attainment

V. Provide leadership in managing the financial and reporting aspects of CDE to ensure profitability and accountability.

  • Consult with departments, colleges and higher officials of JU in budget development and overall planning for new continuing and distance education programs.
  • Support and maintain the current set of offerings, while working to expand and diversify with new ones,
  • Continually evaluate emerging systems for instructional effectiveness and cost efficiencies.
  • Explore the viability of differential tuition rates for courses and programs designed for specific audiences.

       Key Performance Indicator

  • Revenues generated in excess of direct costs



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