Finote Selam College Job Vacancies 2022

By | 18/07/2022

Finote Selam College Job Opportunities 2022

Finote Selam College Job Vacancies 2022: Please note that ALL job openings are posted on Finote Selam College’s website. Finote Selam College has a very open, transparent and fair recruitment process.  All direct contact with prospective candidates is made from legitimate email addresses or telephone numbers of Finote Selam College.

For the latest job opportunities available at Finote Selam College, kindly browse through the main website, search for the VACANCY BUTTON and click on it to access a List of vacancies available at Finote Selam College.

For further details on job opportunities, you can contact the University for more details or send a CV to the official vacancy email address.

Location:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mobile:  +251911215297

Tel. 1:    +251116467043

Tel.2:  +251116479994

Tel. 3: +251116479992


If you applied for a position or received a notice for an interview for a position at Finote Selam College and it does not appear on the official website, please disregard it. We advise that you do not respond to unsolicited offers of employment or offers for positions that were not advertised on the official website of Finote Selam College.

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  1. kass worku

    I was graduate in Hawassa University MA in civics and ethics with average grade 3.67 .so if you want me contact with 0984581293


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