Dire Dawa University Marketing Department

By | 21/06/2022

Dire Dawa University Marketing Department

Dire Dawa University Marketing Department – Check Below:

Background of the Program

Doing business in the 21st Century is evolving in association with new opportunities such asvast information made available through information technology and internet, fast decision making, and capabilities to reach wider areas and with new challenges such as cutthroat competition. As such, it is critically important to create such business capabilities like efficient and strategic marketing in order to succeed in the business world of the 21st century.

Growth in the volume of output and change in the structure of production, as essential features of economic development,make specialization and exchange (marketing) important part of the overall socioeconomic activity across societies. Whereas production of goods and services remains one of the basic economic activities of individuals, it is dysfunctional without the distribution of such products from their place of production to the place of consumption where income is generated so that production could be continued. As such, whether products are distributed to consumers through their producers or middlemen, the success of individuals or business organizations involved in production activities depends not only on their production performance but also on their marketing performance.

Successful marketing performance, in turn, needs its own philosophy of handling the marketing process starting from analyzing the marketing environments to making strategic plans and their implementation. Given the mix of threats and unprecedented opportunities unveiled by globalization and technological advancement experienced in recent times, the role of marketing to the success and survival of organizations is getting even more crucial for businesses both in the developed and developing countries. And, more than any time else, it seems that it is a high time for respective marketing departments of business to get afresh in their reaction to such new national and global business environments.

Therefore, currently many higher education institutions are offering a program of “Marketing Management” with the objective of producing skilled human power on issue of marketing to fill gaps in marketing management, marketing planning, marketing research, and consultancy on marketing strategies and activities in different private and public sector organizations in the country. As the focus of marketing is meeting the need of customers better than competitors, Marketing program is geared to produce qualified and innovative Marketing professionals and practionaries who will contribute to organizations-small and large, public and private, profit and non profit – to satisfy their customers’ needs. To achieve this, high standard staff, teaching-learning facilities including computer, and interlink with industry for practicing the theories will be critically considered.

The program is established with rigorous concern to address marketing research and analysis; marketing strategy; implementation planning; organizational management and cross functional leadership in marketing; reporting measurement and control a cost-efficient manner with view of domestic and international marketing practices.Today’s central business problem is not a shortage of goods but a shortage of customers. Thus, the marketing program will be the place to provide the required competencies to give answer to how to compete on values other than price. Manufacturing exists to support marketing but what makes a company prospers are its marketing ideas and offerings. Marketing starts before a product exists.

Consequently, the Program will prepare marketers who are hard-working, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial oriented, innovative and problem solver of a company in the customer marketplace Values are sets of beliefs that shape behavior in organizations, and they strongly determine internal and external perceptions or Values are sets of beliefs that people in the organization think are important and to which they pay significant attention. The department of marketing thus believes that the following values are instrumental for accomplishing its purpose and achieving its vision.Quality first:the department of marketing believes that its products (graduates and findings) as well as its services should be of the highest quality (superior quality). The quality of the department’s products reflects the quality of its performance as well as its staff. The department of marketing believes that excellence is the standard for all it does.The department is committed to continuously improve its processes. It applies new methods and innovations to enhance the quality of its services. Quality will be the department’s distinguishing mark and it will not be compromised.

People centered: Our fate is determined by the satisfaction of our customers. Hence, we value our customers and their affairs are our top concerns. The department of Marketing also believes that its staff is the source of its strength. They are the source of academic excellence and determine its reputation. All investment made to develop and compensate staff is aimed at preparing them to achieve the purpose and vision of the department.Innovation: We value innovation as we are in a higher education industry where creativity and innovation are not only necessities but also mandatory. We are not to wait and see but plan and perform jobs, forecasting and preventing problems Dire Dawa University Marketing Department.


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