Debre Markos University Sport Science Department

By | 18/06/2022

Debre Markos University Sport Science Department

Debre Markos University Sport Science Department – Check Below:

Department of sport science

The Department of sport science has been established with the university establishment in 1999 E.C. with administrative approach giving sport science common course as pass and fail grade with zero credit hours. The department has been starting its academic and administrative approach since 2003 E.C by taking regular, summer in service and extension program students.
The department of sport science is dedicated to produce competent, passionate, ethical and innovative professionals in sport science aspects that contribute to the socio-economic development of the nation through quality education, relevant scientific research and appropriate community service. It also strives to:-

  • Develops rational thinking and systematic research works to be continued and handed over to the next generation.
  • Enable students self-confident in their stay in the university and during their career.

Values of the department

  • Student centeredness and self understanding;
  • Quality academic service delivery ;
  • Participatory leadership;
  • Team sprit;
  • Academic freedom;
  • Competitiveness in scholarship;
  • Economical use of resources;
  • Diversity of cultures & view points;
  • Recognition of merit;
  • Professional ethics;
  • Fairness and self esteem;
  • Self confident while applying the learned elements;
  • Linkage of sports in society in connection to the social world;

The mission of department of sport science in the college of natural and computational science is;

  • Producingg competent and innovative sport science professionals  through providing quality   instructional, co-curricular and cultural-involvements
  • Carrying out problem solving research in science aspects through the active involvement of stakeholders and,
  • Providing demand driven community and consultancy services.

Debre Markos University has a vision of being one of the centers of excellence among universities in Africa at 2025; beside this the Department of sport science has set its own vision and works with maximum effort to help the university to achieve that vision. So that the vision of sport science department is to be one of the center of excellence among sport science dept’s found in Africa in the year 2030.

  • Academic Staff statistics
Sex BSC MSC PhD Total
Male 3 17 20
Female 4 1 5
Total 7 18 25
  • Administrative Staff Statistics
Sex Certificate Diploma BSC MSC PhD Total
Male 1 1
Female 1 1
Total 1 1 2
  • Student statistics
Year Program Total
Regular Extension Summer
Male Female Total Male Female Total Male Female Total
Year 1 17 47 64 279
Year 2 10 34 44 338
Year 3 62 29 91 197
Year 4 149
Year 5 124
Year 6 157

Department Head

Name:  Yehualaw Alemu
Department: Sport science
Phone number:  +251912162055
Branch: main campus
Building No: 42 Room No: 201

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