Debre Markos University Civics and Ethical Education

By | 18/06/2022

Debre Markos University Civics and Ethical Education Department

Debre Markos University Civics and Ethical Education – Check Below:
Civic and ethical study is an interdisciplinary subject and it is the youngest and the last branch of science as yet, a little noticed on the vast and ever spreading tree of knowledge which may be recognized as one of the most fruitful of all.
Objectives of the Department
The major objective of the department is to produce competent, innovative and knowledgeable graduates based on the needs of the nation at large and on the missions and visions of DMU. Accordingly;

  • Providing training in the field of Civic and Ethical Studies in an interdisciplinary manner;
  • Producing well-informed and qualified manpower in the field of Civic and Ethical Studies for Ethiopia’s civil service, and,
  • Promoting research in the field of Civic and Ethical Studies focusing on Ethiopia and the sub-region;
  • Promote research on the political dynamics of the sub-region of the Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular;
  • Provide training on the functions structures of states, governments and political systems in a multidisciplinary manner in order to prepare graduates for professionals career in areas related to the fields of Civic and Ethical Studies.

Professional Profile/Employment opportunities
Up on the successful completion of their study in Civic and Ethical Studies, graduates will be employed in various governmental and non-governmental institutions at various levels. Hence, being a professional of this department has the following merits.

  • Teachers/instructors and consultants
  • Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission
  • Human Rights Commission
  • International Diplomat
  • Experts in peace building and Conflict resolution
  • Electoral experts
  • Environmental expert
  • Security advisers and experts
  • Public Relation
  • Governance and Leadership Positions
  • Office of Ombudsman
  • Gender and Development Issues
  • Justice Office and other related areas
  • National and International Civil Servants
  • Administrators of governmental and non-governmental organizations,
  • Policy analysts and advisors

Further Academic Excellency
Once you finished your BA degree in Civic and Ethical Studies, you have the opportunity to attend your second degree/MA degree/ in areas of:-

  • Human Right Studies
  • Federal Studies
  • International Relation
  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy
  • Governance and Development Studies
  • Regional and Local Development Studies
  • International Development Studies
  • Comparative Politics
  • Hydro-politics
  • Political Science
  • Gender Studies
  • Gender and Development Studies
  • Peace and Security Studies etc

Program Profile
Admission requirements
Entry to the Bachelor of Arts in Civics and Ethical Studies is allowed students who successfully completed their preparatory education in the field of social sciences are generally eligible to be admitted to the department’s or program’s regular and continuing education programs. The University shall set different entry requirements for enrollment in the continuing education programs.
Regular Degree

  • Directly from (preparatory program) who successfully passed the entrance exam according to the MOE criteria with social science background.
  • Social science background preferable

Summer, Extension, and Distance Degree

  • Students who have diploma (12+2) with social science field, students who successfully passed the minimum requirement in that specific year, with social science background, and who meet the specific criteria set by the department of the respective institutions;
  • Students who have diploma (12+2) in non social science disciplines but who have taught Civic and Ethical Education at different levels for more than 2 years;
  • Students who have diploma with the new program (10+3) as determined by the decision of the MOE and,
  • Readmission as per university legislation.

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