Debre Berhan University Electrical Engineering Program

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Debre Berhan University Electrical Engineering Program Department

Debre Berhan University Electrical Engineering Program Department – Check Below:

Objectives of the ECE Program

General Objectives

To train high level technical manpower which can participate in the national development activities;
To carry out research in the areas of electrical and computer engineering and relevant to the needs of the Country and the community;
To render consultancy services to the community.

Specific Objectives

To train electrical and computer engineers.
To prepare graduates with the capability of following the current and future developments in the field and related disciplines.
To enable graduates work as a team in addressing technical problems that may be encountered in industry and in real life.
To provide opportunity for workers in the field of electrical technology to upgrade their knowledge through a continuing education/ evening program.
To provide graduates with sufficient background to undertake postgraduate training in any one of the various specialization areas of Electrical Engineering discipline.
To engage students in research that offers optimal solutions to technical problems in the industry, energy sector, telecommunications, computer applications and other industrial sectors.
To offer consultancy services to different sectors: government organizations, industry and society.

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General Activities

Electrical and computer engineering aims to cover the broadest spectrum of activities among the engineering disciplines:

Research and Development

Developing new products on existing or new technologies.
Applied research on new technologies and improving the existing technology.


Designing of required system and /or devices for indigenization (modifying)
Designing of interface unit to adapt existing devices with new system.
Modifying existing system to enhance its utilization (Optimization).

Installation, Operation and Maintenance

After understanding the procedures as given in manual of manufacturer, ability to install, operate and maintain the systems.

Analysis and Testing

Analyzing and developing test set-ups for testing system/devices to assess the quality, safety and reliability of performance of the system.
Trouble shooting and repairing the system.

Debre Berhan University Electrical Engineering Program Consultation

Consulting Companies to optimize the price-performance of systems.

Profiles for Streams (Focus Areas)

The following streams (focus areas) of ECE are identified as very important for the development of the country.

Electrical Engineering with Electronic Communication Engineering Focus

Design and test electronic circuits.
Design and maximize the utilization of communication network efficiently and with the least possible delay and adequate quality.
Able to carry out research in the area of system design/networking and bring solution in operational settings.
Able to solve problems in intensive signal processing and routing of information packets.
Electrical Engineer with Electrical Power Engineering Focus
Plan, design, analyze, develop, operate, control and maintain of electrical power plants (thermal, hydro, renewable), power apparatus and protection system.
Plan, design, analyze and develop power transmission and distribution system.
Design, analysis, construction, installation, control, operation and maintenance of electrical machines, power electronic devices and drives.

Electrical Engineer with Computer Engineering Focus

Design, develop, analyze and test the hardware and software for systems applicable to any industries, business, hospitals, institutions and offices.
Install, operate and maintain computer systems.
Work as a computer hardware engineer, software engineer, system analyst, data communication analyst, computer network engineer, database analyst, data administrator, network administrator, information systems quality assurance analyst, information system consultant, system tester, system security analyst, customer support analyst, system auditor, computer service engineer, web designer, webmaster, interactive media developer.

Electrical Engineer with Industrial Control Engineering Focus

Design, develop and analyze of control and instrumentation system applied for monitoring, data acquisition and data analysis of electrical and non-electrical systems including digital, analogue, robust and higher order controllers.
Plan, produce, install, implement, operate and maintain the control and instrumentation systems.
Electrical Engineer with Microelectronics Engineering Focus
Design, develop, produce and test microelectronic systems applicable to industries, business, hospitals, and institutions.
Work as microelectronic engineer, consultant, and system tester.



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