Debre Berhan University College of Education

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Debre Berhan University College of Education

Debre Berhan University College of Education – Check Below:

College of Education overview


The College of Education (COE) at the University of Debre Berhan, envisions a state and nation where every individual has equal access to life-long learning and opportunities for healthy development and where each person’s distinct abilities are cultivated from potential to achievement. We bring to this vision a dedicated and highly-regarded faculty, staff, and student, committed to equity and social justice, who encirclement diversity and community as central to the process and outcomes of education, and who seek and bring research-based innovation to our most intractable educational problems.

College Priorities 

Equity and Diversity

We will become a renowned institution which improves the educational opportunities and outcomes in classrooms filled with diverse learners by preparing and supporting educational and human development researchers, practitioners and leaders committed to goals of equity and achievement for all.

Innovation and Creativity

The COE will become an influential institution for using the learning sciences to understand how people learn in the 21st century.

Debre Berhan University College of Education Research

We will create research-based knowledge that will guide and enable all stakeholders to work, prosper, and make informed decisions as the boundaries of knowledge continue to expand.


Through partnerships, the College of Education will be a catalyst for learning, research, and action.

Resource Allocation and Administrative Efficiency

To fulfill the university’s vision, the College will commit to the highest standards for efficient and effective use of its resources. Maximize operational efficiency at all activities.

Academic Expansion

The COE is committed to providing the highest quality graduate and professional education at Doctoral and Master’s levels. College of Education will offer Master and doctoral degrees, programs which provide in advance both programs place COE will be the finest in Ethiopia.


To support the University’s vision to transform while enhancing the college’s build nationwide, the COE will intensify its efforts to offer its own majors and students across campus an outstanding and rigorous educational experience. There will be:-

  • Continuous improvement of teacher education programs, so that graduates can develop and implement equitable, relevant learning opportunities for students, including those with special needs, in diverse classrooms;
  • Access to high quality learning experiences for majors outside the formal classroom;
  • Opportunities for students in other majors to engage in issues related to teaching, learning, and human development, especially with regard to equity and diversity as part of their general education; and
  • Research opportunities in which students can explore current challenges and issues in teaching, learning, and human development.
  • Service to the community through regular reports detailing how high achieving high school graduates succeed at public higher education institutions.

Learning to teach
Debre Berhan University, which started teaching in 1999 in 7 Education Faculty, has created 955 graduates in the regular program.
Currently, he has started with the Directorate of Educational Planning and Management / EdPM in 2009 and has received degrees and supervisors from all over the country in the winter program:

  • EdPM ……… ..… 498 students
  • PGDT …… .. …… 335 Students is a college that is treating well.

He is preparing to receive PGDT students by May 8, 5.
HDP training 
The College of Education is leading the University’s efforts to improve the quality of education and to maintain the quality of education at its core. In addition to engaging directly with the learning specialists at the College, he is also engaged in various capacity building activities. To achieve and maintain the quality of education provided by other higher education institutions, including Debre Berhan University, is to increase the teaching capacity of teachers. As a result, since the foundation of the university, the College has trained and deployed many HDP teachers every year. HDP is generally regarded as a professional license for teachers of higher education, since they are generally trained in practical training, as is the practice of modern teaching.
In addition to the university’s teachers, from 2009 to AD 5, 438 teachers from the College of Light Teachers and from the Health Science Science College have graduated and are conducting training and activities that will enable them to graduate this fall.
In addition to the HDP training provided by the university, we are ensuring that the training is standardized by Moderation 1, once a month, as we have done in the past.
The College of Education is one of the most important areas of training that teachers can build on the quality of education at the University during the Student Centered Teaching and
The Learning Approach, Active Learning, Continuous Assessment, Measurement and Evaluation and Modular Approach of Teaching and Learning System has been offered to new recruits, returnees, and transfer students.
Community Service 
It is clear that the College of Education is contributing significantly to the quality of education provided by the university in the field of community service.

  • In collaboration with the Community Service and Social Science and Humanities College, they will be involved in 9 types of training (ie, functional research, basic learning aids, English language skills, test preparation, continuous assessment, daily and annual lesson planning, project planning). And Counseling and Strategy is increasingly offering trainings to various affiliated centers, formal schools, and satellite schools.

Research and research 
The College of Education conducted a problem-solving study to maintain the quality of the education offered at the university.
National Problem Solving Conducting Research is one of the key areas of the year 2000, and the Academy is conducting 3 initial studies based on its strategic plan to achieve this year’s key field of results.
English Language Development Center (ELIC) 
Since the language of instruction at the higher education institution is English, the ELIC has been very active in developing various English improvement programs for teachers and students of English language, and has held various lectures this year with various topics, film nights, and workshops. Homes is a center providing various English language development training.



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