Bule Hora University Examination Timetable 2022-2023

By | 20/06/2022

Bule Hora University Examination Timetable 2022-2023

Bule Hora University Examination Timetable 2022-2023: Bule Hora University examination timetable has been released and successfully uploaded to the student portal.


  • All candidates shall be required to register for semester examinations, supplementary examinations, and special examinations and carry over examinations.
  • Any candidate who will fail to register for examinations as provided for under these Regulations shall be barred from sitting for the respective examination(s). If a candidate sits for an examination for a course for which he is not registered, the results of that examination for that candidate shall be nullified.
  • The time for registration for semester examinations shall be a month before commencement of examination week. Registration period for other form of examinations shall be as stipulated by the office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs.
  • Any candidate sitting for any examination mentioned in paragraph 8 (1) above other than semester examinations, shall be required to pay an amount as costs for processing and handling of such examinations.



  1. A candidate pursuing any programme of study at the University shall be admitted into the examination room after meeting the conditions stated hereunder:-
    • He/she has completed the specific requirements for a course by attendance, completing course assignments, portfolios, and any other designated tasks as may be stipulated either under these Regulations or by specific Faculty or Departmental Regulations governing a course of study and financial requirements.
    • Absence from classes shall be limited to a maximum of 25% of the teaching hours for any course.
    • Absence from classes due to medical conditions such as illness or accident shall require a medical certificate from a recognized and certified medical practitioner.
    • Any student falling below 75% attendance level in any one course will not be allowed to sit for the semester examination in that course. A candidate who fails to achieve the 75% attendance rate shall be required to retake the course when next offered. Such candidate shall be allowed to retake the course within the allowable timeframe for his/her programme.
    • A candidate allowed to be absent from doing continuous assessment because of compelling reasons shall be required to complete the continuous assessment missed before sitting for the semester examination of the respective course. Such a candidate shall be responsible to initiate any request to make up for continuous assessment missed because of class absence and should submit evidence to that effect.
    • The candidate must complete and pass all the coursework for all examinable courses. No candidate shall be allowed to sit for an examination in any course of study if he/she has not passed the coursework for each examinable course.
    • A candidate shall show proof that he does not owe the University any fees required and or any other financial dues.
    • A candidate shall not sit for examinations if he/she is barred by any lawful order or law.
  • If a candidate enters the examination room and sits for an examination without compliance to the provisions of the regulation above, his/her results in that examination(s) shall be nullified and his/her case considered under examinations irregularities.


Absence from Examinations

  • Any candidate registered for examination shall be required to appear and sit for all examinations.
  • A candidate who deliberately absents himself/herself from an examination or examinations without compelling reasons shall be deemed to have absconded the examination and shall automatically be deregistered from studies.
  • A candidate who fails to sit for semester examination due to collision or confusion of examination timetable shall be deemed to have failed in that examination and may be allowed to sit for supplementary examination.
  • Any candidate who is unable to appear in the examinations shall, before the commencement of a respective examination(s), report in writing to the Head of Department/Unit giving sufficient reasons for not being able to sit for the examinations.

Dates of Examinations

  • Semester examinations and special/supplementary examinations shall be held at that time as shall be determined by the Committee of Deans and Directors upon approval by the Senate.
  • Without prejudice, semester examinations shall be conducted during the last two weeks of a semester.  
  • Dates for semester examination, special and supplementary examinations shall be published in the University academic calendar.
  • Once examination dates are set and approved by the Senate, they shall be adhered to even where the dates designated for examinations fall within a public holiday.


Venue of Examinations

  • All examinations shall be administered in the venues available at the University or such other places as may be determined after consultation with the Vice Chancellor.
  • Before commencement of examinations, the examination officer(s) shall ensure that all examination venues are well arranged and ready for examinations.

General Conduct before, during and after Examinations

1) Before Examination

  • Candidates shall be responsible to consult all drafts of examination timetable and the final examination timetable.
  • Candidates should make sure that they have been issued with examination cards before examinations begin.
  • Candidates will be admitted to the examination room up to 15 minutes before the examination is due to start.

(2) During Examination

  1. No candidate will be permitted to enter the examination room after a lapse of 30 minutes from the start of the examination.
  2. Silence shall be observed at all times in the examination room.
  3. No food or drink is allowed in the examination room.
  4. Candidates must not start to read the paper, or to start writing until they are instructed to do so by the invigilator. Candidates are not allowed to continue writing an examination after the official end of the examination.
  5. Candidates shall only bring authorised materials into the examination rooms. Where there are specified working tools for a particular examination, such items shall be liable for inspection by the invigilator. No candidate shall take into the examination room any unauthorised materials. It shall not be a defense that one did not intend to use the unauthorised materials.
  6. Candidate shall not be dressed indecently or in a suspicious manner while in the examination room. Where an invigilator suspects a candidate who is dressed suspiciously, he/she shall make the candidate to be searched by an invigilator of the same gender to his/her satisfaction.
  7. A candidate found borrowing or exchanging any materials during examination shall be deemed to have contravened the University Examination Regulations and his/her case will be reported to the Chief Examinations Officer for disciplinary action.
  8. All candidates shall sign the attendance form during every examination.


How to Check Examination timetable

Bule Hora University examination timetable has successfully uploaded to the student portal. Students can access their timetable via the following portal

  • Sign In by entering your Student Login Details in the appropriate fields provided.
  • Navigate to the examination timetable and select the semester you need to access your timetable.



For more information and inquiries, you can contact the Bule Hora University by visiting the official website


However, if you are unable to access your Bule Hora University examination timetable, Or find what you needed Or you have any correction regarding this post, Please, kindly drop a comment below for a prompt response.




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